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'Wirftbach-Schleife' hiking loop

Aussicht Wirftbach-Schleife
View of Wirft and Hoffeld

Hiking in the large-scale nature conservation project Obere Ahr-Hocheifel

The starting point of the 14-kilometre Wirftbach loop is the church in Kirmutscheid by the inflow of the Wirftbach brook into the Trierbach brook. Once you have crossed the Trierbach brook the route follows the Wirftbach brook uphill to the town of Wirft. At the edge of Wirft you first pass the Dreimüllerhof farm and continue along a forest path to a ridge, affording interesting views of the Wirftbachtal valley, the valley town of Wirft and of village the of Hoffeld further up.
From here the route takes you through the forest back to the Wirftbachtal valley. As you walk along the extensively used marsh area you can see the Müllenwirft chapel on the other side of the valley.
After about 5 kilometres you get to the Barweiler Mühle area, which today serves as an angling pond where you can also stop for refreshments.
From here the walk takes you along the Wirftbach brook to the bridge that crosses it. Here the route leaves the Wirftbach brook and continues along a pilgrimage trail towards Barweiler, a health resort situated on a hill between the Wirftbachtal valley and the Wenigbachtal valley. Before you reach the town centre, the route takes you to the Krieger chapel on the Hömmerich elevation at an altitude of 496 m via another pilgrimage trail.
Here you can enjoy magnificent views all the way to the volcanic mountains of the Daun district. Once you have taken in this splendid landscape experience the route continues through a basin and to the town centre of Barweiler, where you find the St. Gertrud pilgrimage church of Our Lady.
From Barweiler the route continues along a path lined with trees with a wayside shrine and back to your starting point, the church of Kirmutscheid with vicarage and the former school, throning on a rocky promontory.

View of Barweiler


Wirftbach-Schleife, Aussicht Nürburg
View of Nürburg


Karte Wirftbach-Schleife
The route